How It Works

Why Use MaltDaddy?

MaltDaddy Brewing brings together BJCP sanctioned judges that want to hone their skills with homebrewers that want timely and honest feedback on their brews.  Judges on the MaltDaddy Brewing site have been vetted and have agreed to provide a high level of feedback for the beers they judge.  No more waiting weeks for a scoresheet that simply says “Aroma: Good 8 points”.  Instead, you can book a highly skilled judge for a specific time slot, receiving your scoresheet electronically the minute judging completes.  This mechanism is possible via our partnership with


I’m In.  What Next?

Getting fast and honest feedback for your homebrew involves four simple steps.

  1. Register your beer at

    You will receive a numeric code when your submit your beer.  Copy this code, as it will be needed when you book your judging.  Submitting your scores via OBS is quick.  There is no account to create, and your name and email will be withheld from the judge until after the score sheet is completed to avoid any subconscious bias.  See an example score sheet.

  2. Select a judge.  You will need to select a judge for your beer.

    Users are encouraged to pick someone close to their area. Often this allows for drop-off rather than shipping of beer, which is easier on both your wallet and the homebrew.  However, there are no restrictions on who you choose.  When a judge is chosen, you be directed to their online calendar, where you can select an open appointment.  Note that only one beer can be judged in each slot.

  3. Provide your brew.  When you book a judge, you will receive instructions on where your beer can be dropped off or shipped (not always the same location).

    You must get your beer to the location a minimum of 24 hours before the appointment slot.  There are no bottle size or marking restrictions.  Just make sure you include the numeric code for the beer.  It can be attached to the bottle, written on the cap, whatever works as long as it will arrive legible.  Only one bottle is needed, though if shipping you may want to send two in case of breakage.  Contact your judge via email if the beer will not arrive to the location in time.

  4. Relax.  Don’t worry.  Have a homebrew.  Now just wait for your appointment.

    When the judge completes the evaluation, you will receive your scoresheet via email from  If you have follow on questions, don’t hesitate to exchange email with your judge, and do provide feedback.  Note that all judging here is volunteer, so please understand there can be mitigating circumstances that result in a judge missing an appointment.  If your appointment goes by, and you haven’t gotten your email, then reach out to the judge to find out when they can get to it.